Growth & Success

Monitoring and Tracking your career progressions by Understanding your Strengths, Personalities and Skills to help nurture your career goal.

Groom Your Successor

Every employee needs to be managed slightly differently, then they also need to be prepped for leadership differently. Customize your approach depending on the candidate's character, skills, and aptitude for learning.

Eliminate Redundancy in Recruitment

Provide the best candidate that fits employers’ specific requirements and eliminate redundancy in recruitment by creating the smart connection between employers and job seekers.

Scout & Groom

Scout for the right candidates to grow your organisation to the next level. Headhunt successors and groom them to take over the reins in the years to come.

Direct Approach

Put up your job vacancies and within seconds, you can start headhunting from the recommended profiles.

Best Fit Faster

Candidates’ profiles are matched to the companies’ requirements, the compatibility outcome is given in a percentage.

Continuous Training

Courses that may help a candidate or employee will be recommended to them, so that they can continuously upgrade and stay relevant.

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Here at Jobook, we believe that business owners and human resource managers need potential candidate to best fit their company’s culture and job requirements to increase productivity and efficiency.

Launched in January 2016, Jobook is privately-held, with a growing team based in Singapore.

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Human Capital and Talent Management solutions will be the main theme in defining business Growth & Success.

  • We provide clarity and best fit between employers and potential candidates.
  • It’s Time For Innovation – Going through piles of resumes and searching through passive database is no longer enough.

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