Tier 1 Criteria

  • Tertiary student – Polytechnic or University
  • Relevant field of study – Technology, IT (can be appealed from case to case basis)
  • Maintaining a good grade – can be further appealed.
  • Recommendation from IHLs lecturer or professors

Tier 2 Criteria

  • Shortlisted Resume – sent and vetted by our professor on board and the companies partnering
  • with us
  • Local Interview – successful shortlisted resume will be interviewed
  • Skype Interview with USA company

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All participants are grouped or minimally paired (2 person). The students as young adults are responsible for their actions and safety as well.

 All students are attached to a supervisor in the company. The company supervisor in USA in the region will be on alert. In case of any emergency, the supervisor will be there for the students.

Chosen accommodation and landlord are visited by the supervisor in USA to ensure they can provide the necessity and safety. Landlord are also responsible for the student well-being during the stay.

JOBOOK SHAPE will have a short conversation with students and companies per week to understand what is the progress of the internship as well.