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To be an established hub for tertiary students and connect them with opportunities across their region, widening their prospect,  enhancing their experience and further polish their skills and knowledge with experts around the world.


Delivering global opportunities for students to learn and grow.


JOBOOK – Student Hub for Attachment Programme & Exchange (SHAPE)

JOBOOK SHAPE is a hub for student to reach out to many overseas opportunities such as internship programme and exchange programmes. SHAPE have been around since 2009, collaborative effort with Institute for Education, Research and Scholarships (IFERS) and International Digital Media Lab (IDML). The programme SHAPE offers is established by collaborating with host companies in the USA and other different regions of the world.

JOBOOK SHAPE is headquartered in Singapore and is collaborating with Technology/IT companies and experts in USA and other part of the world. JOBOOK SHAPE work hand in hand with companies all over the world to ensure that the student have a safe and meaningful learning experience.


Some of the benefits the students can gain from JOBOOK SHAPE programme are:

  • Cultural Exchange

  • Learn from Experts from USA and other countries

  • Experience different working culture

  • Environment and Culture Exposure

  • Good reflection on student’s CV

  • Overseas Working Experience

  • Independence


JOBOOK SHAPE is has been connected with various companies and organisations around the world. This will not only provide the students with vast amount of overseas attachment opportunities but to allow students to grow from these overseas attachment.


JOBOOK SHAPE assist students and institutes in administrative matters. Institutes no longer need to manage both students administrative, company administrative and overseas procedures administrative such as working VISA, student pass etc. Students can use our service to apply for J-1 VISA as well.


JOBOOK SHAPE vast network have enabled us to go beyond the local region to an international wide network. We are proud to be collaborating with many local and international firms and companies. All identidies that are collaborating with us have benefitted from interns and collaboration between institutes.


JOBOOK Safety is the upmost top priority. Due to the nature of overseas attachment it is not surprised that parents would be worried. SHAPE have come up with many safety measure to keep the student in check. We have come up with many safety counter measures as well as solutions.


JOBOOK SHAPE alumni club exclusively for students that have completed their own SHAPE experience. As an Alumni, you can network with students, start up owners, SME owners and exposed to many other opportunities in the future. SHAPE Alumni is a family and that work together to guide the subsequent generations of SHAPE students.

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